Saturday, 4 September 2010

Handflache attempt #1 (beer #5)

I've managed to drink almost all of the 'disaster' keg of the hefeweizen (I'm sure my spelling of this changes each time). So taste wise I'm really quite liking it -the first beer I've made without the homebrew tang which, I understand, is the result of using old liquid malt extract. Just getting rid of that has really improved the beer. It's sweet, probably because it didn't ferment all the way down. It lacks a bit of body which I wonder was due to the very vigorous ferment at the start, possibly because of temperatures being too high. Certainly temperature control for fermentation is on the list to look at sorting at some point (I'm guessing the best thing would be to source an old fridge or something to house the FV). I guess because I used all wheat malt extract in the recipe (rather than say substituting 25% for pale malt extract) that also may have had an effect. Although, forum posts seem to suggest most wheat malt extract has something like 45% barley malt extract in there anyway.

I didn't get much clove flavour from the beer but definitely lots of banana both taste and aroma. Because of this and because it's quite 'thin' it goes down the neck rather easily.

Overall, I'm quite impressed with it but I do understand there is a lot of work yet to be done.

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