Thursday, 7 February 2013

Beer #30 - Table Saison

I had a very early morning at work, and left very early, Gemma was away, so what else to do of an afternoon except get a quick brewday in. With the exciting news that the Malt Miller is stocking a new dry saison yeast, I decided a saison would be in order, so set about constructing a recipe. Because all of the available recipes seem to be for quite punchy, high in alcohol beers I had a bit more of a dig around to get inspiration finding Northern Brewer's Petite Saison and their former videographer Chip Walton's Le Saisonette. Although I didn't exactly follow these, they gave me some ideas for my smaller, table saison.

  • 2.59kg Pilsen
  • 0.74 Munich
  • 0.37 Wheat malt
  • 10g Northdown @ 60
  • 25g Tettnang @ 30
  • 20g East Kent Goldings @ 5
  • 1g Black pepper, coarsely crushed @ 5
  • 5g Coriander, coarsely crushed @ 5
  • Rind of 1 Seville orange @ 5

Ended up mashing a degree too low at 67.2C for 60 minutes. OG 1.042, which was a couple of points higher than anticipated.

Went into the no-chill cubes without problem. I await Daz picking it up to ferment. The temperature control box for the fridge is now constructed, it just needs modification of the fridge door and we're away.