Sunday, 31 July 2011

Beer #14 -Saison

Bottled the Saison this morning. It got down to 1012, so should be 4.6%. I put 10ml of lactic acid in the bottling bucket along with quite a bit of priming sugar solution, aiming for a fairly highly carbonated beer.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Beer #14 - Saison

Got another all-grain brewed over the weekend, this time shooting for a modification of the Radical Brewing Saison. Efficiency was up with this brew despite no changes in technique or anything. Rather odd.

  • 2.3kg Lager malt
  • 1kg Munich malt
  • 450g Wheat malt
  • 450g Demerera sugar
  • 28g Northern Brewer @ 90 mins
  • 43g Saaz @ 30 mins
  • 57g East Kent Goldings @ 5 mins
  • + Coriander, pepper and orange peel @ 5 mins (I forget the amounts at the moment)
  • T-58 yeast

Siphoning into the fermenter was 'fun'. I ordered new siphon tube but got a massive bore one instead of the smaller. Caused me all sorts of problems and it will be a miracle if this brew is not infected. But still about 17L into the fermenter at 1.048. I am bemoaning the lack of a tap though.

I also think I'm going to have to watch late hop additions. Since I'm not cooling and just leaving the wort to cool in the pot with a lid on and sanitised tea-towels over it, the late additions are sitting in very hot wort for quite a lot longer than would normally be the case. Definitely a chiller is required.

It's fermenting away nicely, with a large krausen the morning after pitching the yeast. Fermenting pretty warm as I still need to sort some method of fermentation temperature control out. I'll add some lactic acid at secondary or bottling to emulate the souring a real Saison would have.

Beer #13 - Bottled

The Split-Wit was bottled a couple of weeks ago in a time-consuming and messy operation. I've actually had an early trial bottle of the 2/3rds spiced and it was rather lovely. Bonus.