Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Beer #10 - Bottled

The beer is finally bottled after I got off my lazy backside and did it. Taster glass out of the bottling bucket is OK, if a little dull, probably due to the under-hopping and over-diluting. It's a lovely colour though, which is nice. Still, this was a lesson learning brew and I'm taking the lessons on-board.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Beer #10 - Secondary

I meant to whack the all grain brew in bottles at the weekend, but needed to empty some bottles so invited people round for a curry. The emptying of said bottles ended up with me in no fit state to sort out the bottling on the Sunday. Oops. Still, all the homebrew drunk was quite nice, whether from extract or kit, and the curry wasn't bad either.

I've just racked the beer off into another barrel to get it off the yeast cake and will either leave it be for a while or bottle at the weekend.