Monday, 1 April 2013

On no-chill

Using jerry cans for no-chill wort production is working out quite well for us. Because of changes in the kitchen I no longer have much room to ferment - and until recently Daz's cellar has been off limits. These factors has changed now, but we have managed to build a stockpile of wort ready to ferment, which is quite nice. Removing the chilling step also knocks the length of the brewday down by quite a bit and also not wasting all the water is nice.

Beer 32 - Blackberry surprise

I got given a 2 tin Woodford's Wherry kit for my birthday. I decided just to chuck this in a fermenter with some old frozen blackberries and also chucked in 25g of Bramling Cross into the fermenter. Update: Realised I totally forgot to take a hydro reading for this. Just tested it after a week and a bit and it's down to 1012. Not sure whether much sugar will have been added from the blackberries. I intend to rack it to another vessel this afternoon and leave it for a day or two to settle out and then bottle from there.

Beer 31 - American IPA

Daz ended up staying over one evening after I cooked for him & Jen. In the morning when we got up we decided on an impromptu brew session because the allotment was off the cards due to snow. We knocked together a US IPA recipe on the fly as a user-upper of hops in the freezer.

  • 0.32kg Pale Wheat Malt
  • 1.44kg Munich Malt
  • 4.84kg Pilsen Malt
  • 30g Simcoe @ 60
  • 17g Challenger @ 50
  • 10g Cascade @ 40
  • 10g Colombus @ 30
  • 10g Cascade @ 20
  • 10g Colombus @ 10

Mashed at 69 for 60 Minutes. Boil for 60 Minutes. Hit 1070 bang on post-boil - after a fairly large sparge step.