Monday, 28 May 2012

Beer # 22 - Wheatherder

Very late in posting this, but last weekend I managed to get a day free to brew. Since we're off to the Beat Herder festival at the end of this month, I thought it would be nice to brew the easy and totally not authentic version of a Wit that I've brewed previously, with some modifications based on a very active thread on Jim's beerkit.

  • 2kg Pilsen
  • 1.75kg Wheat Malt
  • 500g Oats
  • 30g Saaz @ 60
  • 20g Bobek @ Flame out
  • 2 Chamomile tea bags @ flame out
  • 10g Coriander seeds, crushed @ flame out.

Didn't bother with a sparge and collected 14L @ 1053 into the fermenter, in hindsight maybe I should have sparged or otherwise diluted. I intend to bottle into 2L plastic bottles to take to the festival.