Saturday, 10 March 2012

Beer #19 - Bottled

Fortunately, I'd managed to sup just enough bottles to allow me to bottle, after 3 weeks in the fermenter, the crazy user upper brew. I'm determined not to crack into it too early.

Unfortunately the need to bottle came just prior to my birthday. I say unfortunately because as a gift I received an 80 capacity bottle tree and a bottle rinser (Avinatore). This would have come in handy and shortened the washing and sanitising of 60-something bottles. I've just assembled the thing and taken it for a test run on the empties that were building up in the kitchen. I reckon it'll be a boon - with such a small kitchen and lack of sink and drainer space, I normally have to ferry armfuls of bottles back and forth. This will let me do a large batch at the kitchen table.

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