Monday, 26 March 2012

Beer #20 - Lightly Smoky

I finally got a malt and hops order in, went a bit crazy in the end and had 86kg of stuff sent! Although that's not all for me -Daz will be diving into the stash too.

So with all that waiting, and it being a pea souper, I couldn't resist getting a brew on. Daz appeared on the scene just after the mash had finished so I had another pair of hands, which was useful. Because Gemma likes Rauchbier, specifically Schlenkerla, I'd ordered 500g of rauch malt which in hindsight may have been too little, but hopefully will give a lightly smoky taste to the finished beer. Certainly when tasted from the sample jar there was a hint under the sugary maltiness. I used a mix of Pilsen and Munich malts as the base with a touch of wheat for body and a pinch of chocolate to add some colour.

  • 50g Chocolate malt
  • 160g Wheat malt
  • 500g Rauch malt
  • 1kg Munich malt
  • 1.6kg Pilsen malt
  • 32g Hallertauer @ 60 minutes
OG: 1040, 20L into the fermenter.
FG: 1010, 3.9% ABV

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