Saturday, 26 March 2011

Big Boiler

The other news is that Daz picked me up a 32L aluminium stockpot the other week. I did a test boil this morning. The pot manages to just cover 2 burners, the large and one of the medium. It was a promising start for 24L:
  • 30 mins - 48C
  • 45 mins - 66C
  • 61 mins - 83C
  • 75 mins - 93C
  • 90 mins - 100C
Unfortunately, whilst the pot managed a simmer, it couldn't quite get to a rolling boil, so I turned it off after 120 minutes. I'll have to think about another way to get it boiling, whether that be an electric element or a big gas burner. I popped the lid on and checked the temperature after an hour - 93C. After several more hours it had only dropped to 60C - at which point i nicked some of the water for washing up, and so that I could actually lift the thing to the floor. I needed to get tea on!

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