Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Beer #12 -Wheat Beer

Last week's bank holiday Monday saw me trialling the new stockpot with a full size batch of Bavarian Weizen from Radical Brewing. It was basically moving from one disaster to another, but I did manage to get some wort in the fermenter, so it's not all bad. I'd bought a length of voile from Dunelm Mill. I may have to get this made into a bag, as it's somewhat tricky to work with otherwise.
  • 26L Water @ 70C
  • 2.322Kg Wheat malt
  • 1.7kg Lager malt
  • 0.45kg Munich malt
So, things that went wrong:
  • Wasn't able to insulate the stockpot/mashtun
  • Mashtun lost about 10 degrees C over the hour
  • Managed to get wort all over the hob
  • Wort on the hob carbonised and welded itself to the hob during the boil
  • Wort was 103?
  • Managed to get some more wort by 'sparging' in another pan
  • Overfilled the pot with water and grain and couldn't get the lid on
  • Did a simple infusion mash where the recipe calls for a stepped infusion
Because of my lack of a chiller I had to leave the stockpot overnight to cool with a couple of towels soaked in sanitiser over the lid. Fortunately the lid is quite tight fitting.

I got 20L of 1042 wort into the fermenter and pitched a pack of WB-05. After 1 week it's down to 1014.

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