Friday, 20 September 2013

34 - 100% Wheat

I had quite a lot of wheat malt left and not that much of anything else, so I started casting around to look for articles/posts about doing a 100% wheat. There was a lot of 'thou shalt not do this' style talk, mainly centering around stuck mashes and the like. Well, since we do brew in a bag I figured that wouldn't be an issue.

  • 5kg Wheat malt
  • 36g Hallertauer Northern Brewer @ 60
  • 30g Bobek @ 10
  • Mash at 66.7 for 60 minutes
This had an additional random couple of litres of water chucked in as it was coming up to the boil, a 90 minute boil and an additional litre of water to compensate for evaporative loss. OG 1043.

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