Monday, 31 January 2011

Daz's first extract brew

Daz piggybacked on my last order with Thrifty for the ingredients for a Sarah Hughes Dark Ruby from Brew Your Own British Real Ale, so I went round to his house just to be there for his first go at the extract brew. He had been a bit shocked by the price of extract, but subsequently has been told by the LHBS that the kits he used to brew are all going up (shockingly) in price.

The brewing went well, with quite a lot of drinking happening alongside, whilst the girls sat chatting in the living room. We had a bunch of brews from the off-license up the road as well as a couple of my Belgian's (still very nice) and a sampler of Beer #9, which was actually quite nice even for only having sat in the bottles for a week. The harsh bitterness I'd noticed from the trial jar had calmed down quite a bit. It was weak, yet refreshing, and I think will get brewed again as an allotment thirst quencher.

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