Monday, 17 January 2011

Beer #9 - Ruby/Mild thing

I wanted to do a simple session-strength thing, but the major mistake made this time was thinking I had a 1kg bag of pale DME when it was only 500g -forcing a draw-down of the brew-length to maintain the required gravity, which means it will be more bitter than expected and the crystal malt in it may be a bit more than I'd have liked. Oh well.

Daz came round to watch the process as he's been fancying trying it himself. After cracking open a couple of the Belgian ales (the first of several) we started off.

Steeped for 15 mins in 6L 65C water:
200g Crystal Malt
50g Chocolate Malt

Added 600g Light DME & brought to the boil.
Added 30g Challenger (for full 60 minute boil)
Added 30g Fuggles (last 15 minutes)
Added 6g Challenger at flame out.

This time I cooled the stock-pot in the sink with a couple of changes of water, because I was using less water in the fermenter and had trouble cooling last time. I pitched a dry packet of Nottingham. After 24 hours noticed a healthy krausen on the top of the brew.

OG was 1.036. Lets see what this one turns out like, I assume it will be drinkable despite the mistakes.

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