Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Turbo Cider 001

One of the things that jumped out at me from reading the Jim's Beer Kit forums was how much fun people were having making Turbo Cider. Named for the speed in which a brew can be put together, it simply consists of supermarket apple juice and a bit of yeast. There are various ways of putting it together and people are wildly experimenting with the addition of different juices, etc. I decided to go for the basic version, so bought a 5L water bottle from the supermarket to act as a fermenting vessel and cracked on with it.

5 x 1L Netto apple juice (Branded Sungrove, 11.1g sugar/ml, Gravity: 1048)
1x tsp Young's wine yeast compound

Assuming sanitised equipment. Stick 3L juice in the fermentation vessel. Add the yeast. Shake well. Replace the lid but leave it loose to allow CO2 to escape.

2009-01-16: Gravity: 1048. I tested the gravity on a carton of juice as it seemed easier. Pitched on this date.
2009-01-17: Some foaming had occured, not madly squirting out volcanoes like other people had had.
2009-01-18: Had cleared up slightly with noticable sediment on the bottom of the fermenting vessel. Added 1L of juice. Checked a while later, fizzing steadily with the lid popping every second or so.
2009-01-19: Fizzing away still, stuck another 0.5L in. In the evening used the hydrometer, Gravity: 1018.
2009-01-20: Still fizzing, but maybe less intensely. Gravity: 1010.

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