Sunday, 30 September 2012

Beer #25 Red ale

With the other half off working surveying for bats, I decided I might as well try and get a double brewday in. I was going to try and get an overnight mash done to get a headstart on the day, but met a friend after work. She's a bad person and made me spend most of the night in the pub. Nonetheless I still managed an early start, so had the liquor heating up by 06:30. Because I'm a bit lazy this ended up being a very relaxed and unorganised brewday. I decided I wanted to make a lovely red coloured ale, but fairly bittered with US hops. So this is what I came up with, mainly based on what was in the malt box. This was also the first time I'd used the first wort hopping technique, so it'll be interesting to see how that turns out

  • 0.27kg Pale Wheat malt
  • 0.5kg Caraaroma
  • 0.5kg Carared
  • 4.5kg Maris Otter
  • 15g Columbus @ FWH
  • 15g Simcoe @ FWH
  • 10g Columbus @ 60
  • 10g Simcoe @ 60
  • 10g Columbus @ 30
  • 10g Simcoe @ 30
  • 10g Columbus @ 15
  • 10g Simcoe @ 15
  • 20g Cascade @ 15
  • 20g Cascade @ 0
This had a couple of litres sparged through, which I was glad about because the hops did soak a fair amount. I think I need a bigger boiler, although I struggle enough getting things boiling on the hob at the moment. Collected 16L at 1061 and pitched 2 packets of Nottingham, which may have been overkill.

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